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The FC5916 Isn’t Just a Centrifuge, It’s Your Indispensable New Lab Partner

A New Spin on Versatility

Every lab is different. Each has its own unique way of operating, its own unique set of goals, and its own uniquely specific needs. But they all will find a partner in the FC5916 Multi-Pro Centrifuge. Part of OHAUS’ Frontier 5000 line, this latest addition is our most powerful, reliable, and adaptable centrifuge yet ready for research or clinical applications.

The FC5916 is smart, intuitive, and endlessly capable. Compatible with 14 optional rotors and 75 accessories, it can be customized to implement seamlessly with your lab workflow, and enhance efficiency through innovative, intelligent design.

Our Largest Capacity Yet

The newest member of the Frontier 5000 class, the FC5916 is built for high-throughput screening (powered by a 4 x 750 ml rotor) and the ability to handle 15 and 50 ml tubes. Optimized airflow systems keep samples cool in the non-refrigerated FC5916, while a pre-cooling program quickly sets samples at a desired temperature in the refrigerated FC5916R model. Works With You

The Frontier 5000 series prides itself on being among the most user-friendly devices available. But what does that mean? It means rotary knobs and buttons that can be accessed and manipulated with one hand – even in gloves. It means large, backlit LCD displays that show centrifugation settings and real-time parameters. And it means advanced, programmable storage capable of recalling 99 testing pre-sets and rotor types. 

Puts Safety First

The FC5916 features over-speed protection, active imbalance detection and a motorized lid-locking system to ensure lab safety is never, ever compromised. It even has an advanced self-diagnostic program that detects potential problems – freeing lab techs up to worry about their work, not their equipment. A New Spin

High-speed performance at maximum volume, automatic rotor identification, a vast array of customizable accessories, and intelligent, built-in safety guarantees – the FC5916 will show you a new way to think about centrifuges and their potential to do more.

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