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Temperature Drift Feature Puts OHAUS Pioneer Ahead of Other Entry-Level Balances

There's no need to sacrifice quality and performance for affordability with the OHAUS Pioneer.

Typically, when you opt to purchase a cheaper piece of equipment you sacrifice quality and performance. With the introduction of the Pioneer analytical balance, OHAUS has proven that no sacrifice is necessary. The affordable Pioneer is user-friendly and offers the weighing performance you would expect from an OHAUS balance. Each Pioneer balance is uniquely tested and adjusted to ensure high precision and accuracy.

For routine weighing operations, the OHAUS Pioneer is a smart choice. This entry-level balance is dependable and compliant and delivers repeatable, accurate results with routine weighing. OHAUS Pioneer is intelligently designed for routine weighing, yet it contains state-of-the-art technology inside.

Precision results are backed by OHAUS quality control. Pioneer models feature high-quality load cells that are subjected to the same rigorous quality control measures used on our top-end balances.

Packed with Features

An easy-read, two-line display readout with helpful onscreen guidance and multi-language options makes Pioneer easy to set up and intuitive to operate. Pioneer also carries features typically saved for top-end models, like five application modes and a static removal bar. USB and RS232 connectivity allow for easy data capture and printing. But the most extraordinary thing about the Pioneer is that it offers a feature typically found only in the most expensive balances. The entry-level Pioneer can compensate for changes in the environment that would otherwise cause a balance to drift or produce inaccurate results.

For example, one major source of measurement error and uncertainty, that is frequently overlooked, comes from changes in temperature. Variations in the environment can cause the expansion and contraction of various parts in the balance. While this may seem negligible, it can cause significant error in the final weighing results. Due to lack of knowledge or resources, most low-cost balance manufacturers are unable to adequately account for this issue.

However, with more than 100 years’ experience producing balances, OHAUS has invested significantly in research and production, and was able to address this issue adequately. Each balance produced, including the Pioneer, and each individual loadcell is individually measured and compensated to mitigate the effect of changing environmental conditions. This helps ensure optimal performance and consistent weighing accuracy with reduced risk and cost savings.

Pioneer is also built to last with durable construction. A cast metal lower housing, metal sub-pan, stainless steel weighing pan, and high-quality draft shield ensure long-term use.

Pioneer offers high accuracy and repeatability for essential weighing applications in laboratory, industrial, and education settings at an economical price.

OHAUS Pioneer is available with capacities from 52g in Semi-Micro to 5200g x 0,01g and 4200g x 0,1g in Precision range.

Contact your regional OHAUS representative for details.

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