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Poultry Industry Requires Top-Notch Food Scales to Help Meet Soaring Demand

Poultry processing facilities are faced with surging consumer demand that calls for efficient, high-speed production.

Poultry processing facilities are faced with surging consumer demand that calls for efficient, high-speed production. The USDA World Agriculture supply and demand estimates predict an 860 million pound increase in poultry production this year to an annual high of 51 billion pounds. Yet these processing facilities must adhere to strict USDA regulations, requiring clean, sanitary conditions, accurate measurements and safe working environments.

Food processors and their vast clientele – restaurants, supermarkets, specialty food stores, cafeterias, and consumers – all understand the importance of proper handling of poultry to minimize the risks of contamination. Salmonella and Campylobacter, common bacterial contagions, can lead to dangerous infections.

Poultry processing goes through a number of necessary steps prior to packaging for distribution. The USDA replaced the previous specific sampling approach, with a routine sampling approach for all USDA FSIS-regulated products, including all types of non-ready to eat poultry. It is estimated that the new standards will prevent approximately 50,000 poultry-based, illnesses, annually.

Ensuring the safety of workers and consumers, while still meeting the growing needs of stores and restaurants means that poultry processing facilities can settle for nothing but the very best weighing products. They need food-safe scales that offer simplicity, efficiency, durability, speed, and accuracy, all while being easy-to-clean and resistant to the harsh, wet conditions of a food processing plant.

High-Performance Food Scales for Harsh, Wet Conditions

For demanding, legal-for-trade poultry weighing operations, the multifunctional, food-safe OHAUS Valor® 4000 washdown scale offers reliable precision, fast results, and impressive durability, even in harsh, wet environments. This portable, tabletop washdown scale sets the industry standard for food industry weighing with advanced features like touchless operation, checkweighing, accumulation and percent weighing modes for maximum efficiency. Boasting an impressive half-second stabilization time, Valor® 4000 allows for increased productivity without sacrificing accuracy.

NSF certified/USDA-AMS accepted Valor® 4000 supports HACCP certified systems. Valor® 4000 XW comes equipped with stainless steel housing and platform, while the PW model include ABS housing and stainless steel platform. Both models offer puncture-resistant, polycarbonate keypads, making Valor® 4000 an excellent choice for use in poultry weighing operations.

Valor® 4000 offers protection from moisture as well as from knives and other sharp instruments used in food preparation, processing and portioning applications. The unique IPX8 flow-thru design ensures that Valor® 4000 will channel fluids that may enter the housing through strategically located drain holes, helping the scale remain clean and operational in wet environments. Non-slip leveling feet offer stability and limit movement on the countertop. Stabilization time is less than a half-second, allowing for fast weighing results. Large LED front and rear displays allow for easy viewing and shared operation.

Valor® 4000 XW can operate on the included AC adapter or rechargeable battery for up to 50 continuous hours of operation. It features an up-front level indicator, auto-close power jack cover, and convenient carry handle. Non-slip leveling feet offer stability. Valor® 4000 is easy to set up, operate, and thoroughly clean.

For more information about Valor® 4000 food scales, contact your regional OHAUS representative.

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