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OHAUS Pioneer® PX Semi-Micro, Analytical and Precision Balances

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

Because Success is in the Balance!

Our Pioneer® PX series balances combine high performance, repeatability and functionality with economy of both space and cost. The Pioneer® PX balance is the perfect “work horse” for essential weighing applications in laboratory, industrial and education settings.

Available in Semi-Micro, Analytical and Precision models, the Pioneer® PX series balances offer intuitive design, innovative features and simply, intelligent operation - all at an affordable price.

Features include:

- Two Line Display. Large, brightly lit LCD display makes weighing results easy to read. Second, dot-matrix line provides the user with additional information or on-screen guidance prompts.

- Durably Construction. Designed for reliable, long-term use for any application or work place. These balances feature a cast metal lower housing, metal sub-pan, stainless steel weighting pan and removal draftshield or side doors.

- Communication Ports (RS-232, USB). Both standard RS-232 and USB device ports allow easy connectivity to printers and other peripherals for convenient capture of results. OHAUS’ free data collection tool (SPDC) provides a simple solution to importing this data directly in formats such as Excel, Access, .txt, .csv and others.

- Internal Calibration*. Allows balance be quickly calibrated and adjusted with the push of a button, eliminating the added expense and maintenance required of separate calibration weights.

- Static Removal Bar. A static removal bar along the top of models with the draftshield provides a convenient grounding location and allows the user to discharge any static charge that may have accumulated prior to handling samples. Helps compliance with good weighing practices and standards, while improving stability and accuracy of results.

This short video illustrates some of the key benefits and innovative features of the Pioneer® PX Balances. Please feel free to download and share it with your customers.

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