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OHAUS Frontier 5000 Series Centrifuges

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

Putting a New Spin on Life Science Applications!

Today’s topic is two new entries in our line of Frontier 5000 Series centrifuges.

OHAUS is pleased to introduce the FC5513 benchtop Micro centrifuge, designed for high-speed lab applications and the FC5707; a low-speed centrifuge for multi-propose general laboratory applications. The addition of these two new units expands our portfolio to better serve the ever-changing needs of customers in research laboratory, industrial and education settings.

Designed for versatility of application, both these new centrifuges feature a uniquely designed protective splash-proof front panel and “modern touch wheel” control on an intuitive interface. Standard features also include ten acceleration and ten deceleration rates, pre-selection of running time from 10s to 99h 59 min or continuous, audible signal at end of each run with melody options and quick spin for short runs. Both units have a compact footprint of only 24 cm/9inches in width, saving valuable lab bench space.

The FC5513 microliter centrifuge can generate 17,317 xg of speed with four optional rotors, making it is ideal for essential high-speed lab applications. It comes complete with 24x1.5 ml microtube rotors and biocontainment option. The centrifuge can also support spin columns and hematocrit capillary tubes when used with other optional rotors, to meet of a variety of applications.

The FC5707 is a reliable low-speed general purpose centrifuge which features a pre-installed 8x15 ml rotor that can process both round and conical bottle tubes, including common blood tubes. With accessories, it can be adapted easily to also process 7 ml, 5 ml and 1.5/2 ml tubes.

Like all our Frontier 5000 Series centrifuges, the FC5513 and FC5707 are propelled by German engineering and are designed to make lab processes more efficient and easier, while offering many user-friendly features and intuitive operation software.

Please feel free to share details about these two new centrifuges with your customers, so they can see for themselves how these innovative units can help make their liquid separation application work quicker, easier and more efficient!

You can also find more detailed information about these products on our website.



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