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McCarter Takes Food and Beverage Quality Control to the Next Level with OHAUS MB120

Find out how Slovakian beverage producer, McCarter uses our MB120 Moisture Analyzer to maintain the quality of their beverage products.

Nowadays more and more consumers are looking for healthy alternatives when deciding what to eat or drink. McCarter, a globally acknowledged food manufacturer from Slovakia understands those trends very well. Founded in 1997, this innovative and award-winning company produces beverages, including freshly pressed juices and plant milks. Their renowned brands like Body&Future, Rio Fresh, Rio Fusion, Zeus and V12 are successfully exported to Czech Republic, Hungary, and Slovenia. The producer is also an importer and distributor of Croatian mineral water Jana, and sweets - Kraš, German teas – Teekanne, and American drinks AriZona.

McCarter's beverages are enhanced with specialities such as fruit chunks, proteins, chia, basil, and flax seeds.  In order to pursue innovation in the production and research process, McCarter needs the most advanced and reliable laboratory equipment. For McCarter, OHAUS balances were an obvious choice for day-to-day tasks and maintaining the excellent quality of their beverages. They praised the reliability and the versatility of OHAUS balances, but the product, which redefined their work is the newest member in their lab – the OHAUS MB120 Moisture Analyzer. McCarter started a new product line - Body&Future beverages (smoothies, milk drinks etc.) and was looking for equipment for quick moisture determination with the best quality standards. Due to their positive experiences with our balances, when McCarter was looking to address their moisture analysis need, OHAUS was their 'top-of-mind' brand. “The tests that we performed with the MB120 unit which OHAUS provided us for a two-week testing period proved that it is perfect for our product range thanks to the four different heating profiles,” said Karol Malík, Head of Laboratory at McCarter. McCarter was extremely impressed with the accuracy and repeatability of the MB120. Ideal for quick moisture content determination in the food industry, the MB120 allows the manufacturer to react promptly to the demands of the entire production system.

The MB120 delivers the functionality and precision McCarter can rely on, and it is easy to operate and clean. Advanced features such as a temperature guide help to establish the optimum drying temperature, and methods and results storage allows statistical analysis of measurements. The MB120 can store up to 100 drying methods for easy recall and up to 1000 total results for statistical analysis. Its precisely controlled halogen heating dries samples uniformly, producing repeatable results to 0.01% readability. “The methods library, the different heating profiles and the very quick, accurate results - usually within 15-20 minutes, while the reference method took at least four to six hours - have all changed the game for us,” said Malík. “From now on, the new MB120 is going to be used as our primary quick moisture analyser for both intermediate and final product checks.”

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