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Guardian™ Hotplate Stirrers with Smart™ Features Ensure Safety

OHAUS products are designed for utmost safety in the lab.

While hotplate stirrers are one of the most commonly used tools in the laboratory, scientists express concern regarding safe operation, especially when unattended for periods of time. Unit failure can result in failed experiments, damage to a laboratory, or even personal injury. Such accidents can be avoided when you select the right hotplate stirrers that come equipped with built-in safety features. The ability to monitor and detect potential hazards before they occur is an essential feature of OHAUS hotplate stirrers.

For labs that value safety, affordability, and durability, OHAUS Guardian™ Hotplate Stirrers are an excellent choice. Renowned for precision, OHAUS Guardian series also features basic and advanced safety features to protect against lab accidents.

Guardian SmartPresence

By designing hotplate stirrers with redundant safety features, OHAUS offers efficiency as well as safety. SmartPresence™ and SmartLink™ provide auto-detection and shut-off functionality that safely prevents unattended, overnight operation.

Guardian SmartLink

Hotplate Stirrers with SmartSafety Features

Designed with outstanding safety features and superior heating and stirring performance, the OHAUS Guardian™ Series Hotplate Stirrers allow you to modernize your lab. Guardian™ Hotplate Stirrers offer exclusive Smart™ intelligent performance features to help modernize and lower the cost of operating a science lab.

Guardian SafetyHeat

Featuring SafetyHeat™ and SmartHousing™ technology, Guardian™ 5000 Series Hotplate Stirrers promote lab safety with features designed to reduce the chance of accidents. The affordable, mid-tier Guardian™ 5000 models are suitable for everyday heating and stirring applications in research, academic, and industrial environments. They come in a variety of sizes to meet your application needs.

The SafetyHeat internal protection system offers dual monitoring of system health. If the unit detects a potential problem, SafetyHeat will shut down the heating function and alert the user before an overheating condition occurs. Chemical-resistant SmartHousing™ channels spills away from sensitive internal components and remains cool to touch at high temperatures, safeguarding lab operators. The digital display also features an easy-to-see hot top warning indicator.

Guardian SmartHousing

For more complex, scientific laboratory settings, the top end Guardian™ 7000 Hotplate Stirrers come equipped with additional advanced Smart™ safety features, including SafetyPresence, SmartLink, SmartHeat, and SmartRate.  SmartPresence technology utilizes an infrared proximity sensor to recognize when a user is nearby, and shuts off the unit if no one is detected. SmartLink detects if the Bluetooth® link is broken and will safely shut off the heating function. The OHAUS app offers mobile phone connectivity for remote monitoring of the Guardian 7000 with additional safety functionality. SmartHeat™ and SmartRate™ ensure precise sample control by enabling selection of measured temperature and speed ramp rates.

Guardian™ 5000 and 7000 Hotplate Stirrers offer powerful, consistent stirring performance. Precise stirring from 60 to 1600 RPM is made possible by the design of a powerful motor, strong magnet and software controlled ramp rate ensuring secure magnetic coupling for viscous applications.

Guardian™ Hotplate Stirrers are built with high quality components, promising durability and reliability. There are eight models and over 40 accessories to choose from to suit your specific application.

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