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Explorer Analytical and Semi-Micro Balances with Auto Door Provide a “Touchless Experience”

Maintaining safe and sterile environments has never been more important. 

Keeping lab instruments clean and free of sample residue is a commonly overlooked source of contamination and inadvertent transfer of materials. An advanced feature on the top-end OHAUS Explorer Analytical and Semi-Micro balances can help greatly reduce the risk of cross- contamination.

OHAUS Explorer Analytical and Semi-Micro balances provide dependable, high-precision weighing down to the fifth decimal. All Explorer Analytical and Semi-Micro models feature a protective draftshield to create a stable environment free of draft, dust and other potentially disruptive external factors that could impact the integrity of your results. However, reliable precision is not the only concern with laboratory weighing.

In larger laboratories where multiple equipment is in use and various applications may be taking place simultaneously, maintaining a sterile and clean environment is a chief concern. For example, USP chapter 800 outlines a strict set of operating guidelines for pharmaceutical compounding applications to help ensure worker safety and mitigate the risks of cross contamination.  USP chapter 800 focuses on the "receipt, storage, compounding, dispensing, administration, and disposal of sterile and nonsterile products and preparations."

In handling hormones and other sensitive or hazardous samples, safety is a primary concern. Limiting worker exposure and reducing the risk of contamination is critical. In fact, the less lab workers need to touch and interact with equipment, the safer the process as the risk of absorbing chemicals transdermally is mitigated. Reducing worker interaction with equipment also lessens the likelihood of contamination with trace amounts of previously used substances. To that end, OHAUS has rolled out a line of Explorer Analytical and Semi-Micro balances featuring a unique auto-door feature. The draftshield can be opened “hands-free” with the use of four touchless infrared sensors.

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