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Continental Automotive Group, Shakes its Business up with OHAUS Heavy Duty Shakers

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

Continental Automotive Systems s.r.o. Slovakia is one of the branches of the famous multinational corporation. Continental is a leading German automotive manufacturing company specializing in tyres, brake systems, interior electronics, automotive safety, power-train and other parts for the automotive and transportation industries. The Slovakian branch specializes in production of rubbers and tyres for cars and trucks.

Have you ever wondered how the familiar Continental logo and other colourful elements are being applied on a tyre? One of the steps of the production process of Continental tyres is precise marking of the rubber surface with special paint mixtures designed for durability. The paint used for this purpose is delivered in 1 liter flasks containing both pigment and solvent. A particular flask might spend some time on the warehouse shelf before it will be used to decorate a tyre. As the paint flasks are sometimes stocked for longer periods of time the two components separate from each other, due to the different density of the pigment and solvent. To be used successfully for the marking, under strict Continental quality standards, the paint components must be mixed in just the right way for the paint to regain its original properties.

Continental Automotive was looking for dependable equipment to properly mix the components of the paint within the flasks. This would improve the workflow and limit the chance of using sub-optimal mixtures which might result in inconsistent quality of the marking process. That's where OHAUS came in. With the Heavy Duty Shaker provided for testing, the paint mixing process was no longer an issue.

With load capacities from 15 to 68 kg and over 70 accessory options, OHAUS Heavy Duty Shakers are designed to handle a range of applications and are easy to install and operate. The equipment is available as analog or digital models with microprocessor control to provide variable speed and consistent shaking, while ramping up to the required speed. OHAUS shakers delivered Continental Automotive exceptional speed control, accuracy and durability matching high quality standards of the manufacturer.

The shakers met all of Continental Automotive needs and the consistency of the painting process was stabilized at the optimal levels. Soon the Slovakian branch of the German manufacturer will have invested in OHAUS orbital shakers with additional 4 bar adjustable platform, that relentlessly spin at around 300-400 rpm in order to get the paint ready for use whenever its needed.

OHAUS orbital shakers will streamline the production for Continental Automotive and provide years of dependable use. The ability to accurately mix the paint makes a great difference in the manufacturer’s day-to-day business.

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